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At Crown Running, our mission is threefold:

1.      Coaching: We are committed to empowering individuals of all levels to reach their full potential through expert coaching and personalized training programs. We believe that every runner has unique goals, and our dedicated coaches provide the guidance and support needed to achieve them.

2.      Running Community Involvement: Our goal is to create an inclusive running community that serves as a hub for enthusiasts to come together, share their passion for running, motivate each other and build lasting friendships. We believe that running is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle that connects people and strengthens bonds.  We strive for our involvement to be impactful to the local, state, regional, national and global running communities.

3.      Elite Support: For elite runners aspiring to compete at the highest levels, we provide resources and incentives, coaching, and exclusive racing opportunities both as individuals and as part of a team. Our goal is to propel elite athletes to achieve their dreams while representing Crown Running on the regional and national stages.


Ben Lundell Running Photo_edited.jpg


*RRCA Certified Running Coach

*23 Years of coaching athletes

*2021 USATF Masters Outdoor Track 10,000m Age Group National Champion

*7th USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships

*All-American DIII Tennis player

*Started running during last year of Dental School

*Took marathon PR from 4:58 (2012) to 2:48 (2023)

Jess Hruska Running Photo_edited.jpg


*Masters in Exercise Physiology, Emphasis in Human Performance

*RRCA Certified Running Coach

*27 Years of running experience

*Assistant coach at Collegiate Level Cross Country/Track

*25 Years of one-on-one training experience

*200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

*2021 USATF Masters Outdoor Track 5,000m and 10,000 Age Group National Champion

*Winner of the Madison Marathon, Ice Age Trail 50k, HOKA Chicago Half Marathon, USATF Master 5k Championships, and 2022 USATF Masters Grand Prix Individual Winner

*Marathon PR: 2:49

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