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Personalized Coaching

You, YES YOU, deserve a coach.


Who needs a coach?


We coach people who are brand new to running and just getting started. We coach kids, college athletes, marathoners, trail runners, competitive age group runners, masters runners trying to get the best out of themselves, and everyone in between!!


Why do you need a coach?

Our athletes have told us they didn’t know they weren’t training properly. They didn’t know they should purposefully work different systems in their workouts or how they would even do that. They didn’t realize there were adjustments they could be making in their training to keep them healthy and prevent injuries. They have told us they thrive with the accountability and support we provide and appreciate the grace and assurance we give them that they feel like yes, they are doing an amazing job. They didn’t realize how important it was to have someone on their team who believed in them more than they believed in themselves. 

We believe so strongly that everyone needs a coach that we also have a coach! Our coach is a pro, and he is coached by an Olympian!


What can coaching do for you?

Through athlete-specific training, we create the most effective workouts that allow you to be the best runner possible with the time you are able/willing to invest.  We consider your exercise/training history, injuries, life schedule, and goals when creating your personal training plan.

This not only includes your running workouts, but also suggestions on strength, flexibility, supplementary training and nutrition. It saves you time and emotional energy not having to think about it. It helps you to stay healthy because we progress you in a conservative manner that keeps you consistent. We will encourage you to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens. We believe that your dreams have value and that you can achieve more than you thought possible with hard work.


We take a holistic approach to our coaching. We believe that by helping athletes be the best version of themselves, it will allow them to be the best runner they can be. We believe that running should only add to our lives and if at any point it is taking away, we will have a conversation and help make adjustments. The confidence, work ethic, determination, and resilience that comes from training is so incredibly valuable. It impacts every area of our lives. 


What does it look like to have a coach?

After a few conversations about your history and goals we start creating a plan.  We talk about your schedule…what days are the busiest for you and what days do you have the most time?

We post your workouts weekly on a google calendar. As you do the workouts, you are free to text, call or email us about how the workouts are going, what questions you have or modifications you need made. If you are brand new to running, we will start you with a progression of walk/runs and build you up so that your body has an adequate amount of time to adapt to the new stress and get stronger.  If you’ve been racing, we will use recent race times to give you workouts with specific times and paces to hit that are based on your current fitness level and are specific to the race you are training for. 


When should you start? Now!!!


Endurance athletes get stronger when they string seasons together. This season builds upon the last and it’s the accumulation of work done that makes you successful and creates big breakthroughs. There isn’t one magic workout or even training plan that will do it. So don’t wait until the perfect time… start today! 


We would love the opportunity to share this incredible journey with you!

For any questions, please send an email to or fill out your information in the Contact Us section below.

Home: Coaching

Training Schedule

Goal Setting, Training Cycle Planning
Running Schedule Updated Weekly
Ongoing Support Via phone, text & Email

Supplemental Exercises

Strength, Mobility, Drills, Yoga

Race Prep

Develop a race plan including pacing, nutrition, and mental techniques


Strategies to fuel for day-to-day training, performance and recovery

About Us



Jessica Hruska

*Masters in Exercise Physiology, Emphasis in Human Performance

*RRCA Certified Running Coach

*27 Years of running experience

*Assistant coach at Collegiate Level Cross Country/Track

*24 Years of one-on-one training experience

*200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

*2021 USATF Masters Outdoor Track 5,000m and 10,000 Age Group National Champion

*Winner of the Madison Marathon, Ice Age Trail 50k, HOKA Chicago Half Marathon, USATF Master 5k Championships, and 2022 USATF Masters Grand Prix Individual Winner

*Marathon PR: 2:49

Ben Lundell

*RRCA Certified Running Coach

*20 Years of coaching athletes

*2021 USATF Masters Outdoor Track 10,000m Age Group National Champion

*7th USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships

*All-American DIII Tennis player

*Started running during last year of Dental School

*Took marathon PR from 4:58 to 2:49

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